A Clean House is a Lucky House

Posted August 2nd, 2022 by Violett

A clean house is more than just a luxury – it is a necessity. That’s right, a necessity. We need a clean house (office or desk) because of all it offers us: efficiency and relaxation. Efficiency, because a clean house means you can find what you need when you need it. It also means that you will spend less time worrying and frustrated over the mess in your house.

A clean house offers relaxation, because clean houses look better, smell better, and feel better – and that’s what makes you relax. A mess everywhere makes us tense. Even hidden messes worry us.
What does it take to have a truly clean house? In a word, discipline. No one likes to hear that word anymore, but it’s true.
A clean house takes work, plain and simple. Ironically, the less a house is cleaned, the more work it takes. Yep, it’s true. If you don’t stay on top of your house, the house will be on top of you — with papers piling up everywhere.
If you want to overcome this grim situation at the earliest then either start cleaning the home regularly or hire a Violett Cleaning  professional cleaning company.

Violett Cleaning will properly clean every corner of your home, provide janitorial services, specialized cleaning services, window and door cleaning.

Every room has different requirements so for them needs also vary. For your kitchen it is necessary to scrub sinks to remove the food & oil stains that attract dirt easily. So they need to be cleaned and disinfected. Other things that would be cleaned by us include table and chairs, drip pans, hood range, counter top appliances, refrigerator (interior & exterior), microwave, baseboards, hard surfaces, etc. Removal of cobwebs, emptying of trash, cleaning window tracks, cabinets and drawers, etc. help in keeping the kitchen clean and give a feel to cook something special.

In your bedroom, and living area, to have tidy appearance it necessary to remove cobwebs, dust furniture and curios, vacuum hard floor surfaces including stairs. In the bathroom cleaning grout and tiles, wiping and cleaning of baseboards, fixtures, sinks, counters, removing cobwebs, etc.
Why Schedule?

Getting a good house cleaning schedule worked out is very important, as it will ensure that your house is kept as clean as possible, with a minimum of work and time required. You don’t have to let house work rule your life in order to have a clean and tidy home – an efficient schedule will allow you to fit housework around things that you enjoy, instead of the other way around.

A good house cleaning schedule will allow you to keep your home looking and smelling good, and keep things de-cluttered, while giving you the time to enjoy extracurricular activities, entertain friends, and spend time with your children doing things that they enjoy.

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